Advertise Your Business On GreeksPassion

Advertise on GreeksPassion and promote your business to thousands of our members. GreeksPassion offers a great and easy-to-use advertising platform allowing you to easily set your banner and video ads on our website and mobile apps. We offer both pay per click and pay per impression ads with great analytics allowing you to set up your ads on multiple pages of the website and track them with analytics. Simply create your campaign, upload your banner or a video, and select the demographics and location of where you like the ads to show up. No matter what kind of business you have, GreeksPassion is the perfect platform for you to advertise to thousands of our members.


Step One

   Create a campaign by answering a few simple questions. You must be logged in to build a campaign.




Step Two

    Put the title and description for your ad, select the desired spot for your banner or video ad on the website or desktop, or mobile version and choose the start date. 

     *Note: Only the 'Member profile page" accepts video ads. 


Step three


  Choose the location where you like your ads to show up, demographics, gender, and the campaign bidding type, (Pay Per Click or Pay Per Impression). Select your package and publish. That is it.  



Manage Your Ads Campaigns


Create multiple campaigns, check the ads hits, edit the campaigns and have full control over them by activating or pausing them, at any time you like.


WorldsPassion Advertising


Check Analytics


Check the number of daily clicks and impressions yur ads received.


WorldsPassion Ads analytics



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